1st Album "Soul Farewell" out May 2015

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28 May 2016  Schaffhauser Jazz Festival, Schaffhausen

Past concerts
17 October 2015 La Spirale, Fribourg
12 September 2015 Ferme Asile, Sion
21 July 2015 Aubes Musicales, Geneva
26 June 2015 Villa Bernau, Bern
2 June 2015 Moods, Zürich
16 May 2015 ARC, Romainmôtier
11 April 2015 Cully Jazz Festival, Cully
15 Januar 2015 Pre-release concert BeJazz Winterfestival, Bern
14 December 2013 Kulturzentrum Tempel, Karlsruhe
12 December 2013 Burghof, Lörrach
11 December 2013 Bix Jazzclub, Stuttgart


Jibcae, Claire Huguenin’s solo project, is a total art work made of drama, irony and authenticity. […]

BIX, Stuttgart “Top Acts Dez/Jan” 11.12.13

Jibcae {dƷıbkeı}

In her fragile but powerful ways the singer pulverises many genres, from jazz to cabaret often passing through folkloric sounds.

Jibcae is an onomatopoeia, a word that came up in an exercise of automatic writing on a keyboard. Jibcae is also the intimate and vulnerable face of a Swiss-French singer known for her inspiring collaborations with multiple other artists. And then, Jibcae is a record, the saved trace of an inner voice making her way out to the exterieur. Claire Huguenin is the exorcist of this voice. She plays with her organ from murmur to unleashed song and dives into her sentiments, her emotions. In her fragile but powerful ways the singer pulverises many genres, from Jazz to Cabaret often passing through Folcloric sounds. The dialogue between Malcom Braff on the piano, Julie Campiche on the harp and Jeremias Keller’s basslines embodies this vertiginous and intense baring.

Soul Farewell

1st album Soul Farewell out on Contemplate Records Berlin in May 2015
“Man I Love” appears on Swiss Jazzahead Compilation 2016

Jibcae – Soul Farewell (2015) with
Claire Huguenin vocals
Julie Campiche harp & FX
Jeremias Keller bass
Malcolm Braff piano & Rhodes

[…] an intimate music full of nuances, enriched with ondulating guitar and piano playing, warm colours, sincere lyrics, with her voice that she seems to handle with complete liberty […]

Le Buro, Bulle 17.05.2013


Special limited edition of the album “Soul Farewell”: numbered risography + download code available at jibcae@jibcae.com
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